Atlantis Institute offers Internationally Accredited Crystal Therapy Courses & Colour Therapy Courses.

Do you love Crystals or Colour and have no idea why?

Are you drawn to the Etheric world of Energy without any understanding?

Do you feel there is more to everything and yet you cannot explain what that is?

Have you an open mind?

Would you like to learn how Crystals and/or Colour can change your world view?

Do you know we have the power to heal ourselves.

David Ellis, known as the Crystal Man in Ireland, is now dedicating his time to teaching others about the Energetic Realms of Crystals and Colour.

Our Internationally Certified Crystal Therapy Course and Colour Therapy Courses are professionally accredited and focus on providing you with a fully supported  and interactive learning experience.


In addition to learning¬†all the skills and knowledge you’ll need to become a world-renounced energy therapist, you will also be guided on your own personal healing journey, as your own journey is the gateway inward and therefore the path to helping others.

Along this journey you will learn how to connect with a powerful energy, stay grounded, learn to be protected, release old energy blocks, let go of emotional trauma and experience life-changing awakenings to your true happiness potential

Be Open to the Possibilities